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New Money Model for Blogs

Gone are the days when you could just focus on creating great content and rely on advertising income for your business! The business landscape has changed, there is a new money model for blogs. New Money Model for Blogs Video Lesson Join our Mastermind! We run a Mastermind for bloggers, where we focus on business strategies […]

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The Cost of Working with Brands

Do you remember in high school economics class, learning about “opportunity cost”? It means the value or benefit of the next-best-choice forgone. In simple terms for a small business – anything you give up in order to fulfill the decision you make. Now, I know I’m not using the true economic book definition of opportunity […]

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Facebook is a mean girl.

I’m part of a few food blogger Facebook groups, and a couple of nights ago, I stayed up a little past my bedtime to answer a question from a friend. The topic of was email marketing. His blog is a well-established blog, but he hasn’t taken advantage of collecting emails from readers and sending out […]

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Worth vs. worth

Last August, I was at a party with a three other bloggers, and we just sat there for 2 hours, just talking about our blogs! We passionately shared with each other what we blog about, our favorite posts, all the wonderful friends we’ve made from the blog, and the many lives we’ve all changed. After a little drink refill, we […]

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How to price for sponsored post and recipe development

You’ll learn: How to price your services for a sponsored post Free worksheet to determine what to charge Worth vs. worth How to price for recipe development After nearly eight years of food blogging professionally, speaking at over a dozen large conferences and also hosting 12 multi-day food blogging retreats, I’ve learned so many lessons in the […]

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